Welcome on the Respore platform

This platform was created for Respore 2018 Calls for proposals for technology transfer projects.

To submit a proposal, you will need to connect with Sciences Conf ids.


Eligible projects are carried out between team members of Respore and the project leader must be identified as a member of the network.


Respore is centered around three thematic axes, corresponding to current scientific, technological and societal challenges:

Puce verte Renewable energies.

Puce verte Environmental sciences and security.

Puce verte To the service of health, wellbeing, biotechnology and the industry.

To these axes, are added two transverse axes:

Puce verte Real time and multi-technique characterization.

Puce verte Towards modeling at all scales

 Proposals funded by Respore have to fit within one of these axes.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria are the following:

Puce verte The project must be based on a technology protected by a patent application (filled or in process). The goal will be to develop this technology. The accessibility of IP will also be taken into account.

Puce verte Co-financing is encouraged. They can come from start-ups, SMEs and small businesses.

Puce verte A business plan is expected.

Puce verte The following criteria will also be considered:

  • The degree of maturity of the project,
  • The scientific and / or technical quality of the results,
  • The technological and societal potential of the project,
  • The feasibility of the project.

Puce verte Each project will allow the hiring of a scientific staff (engineer, postdoctoral fellow) for a maximum duration of 12 months and which can be enriched if necessary by the acquisition of scientific equipment (participation of the DIM at the level of 60% of the Buying price).

Puce verte A project supported last year may be supported again if it falls within these criteria.


September 17th 2019, midnight : Deadline for proposal submission.

September 30th 2019,: Hearing of the project holders

Mid october 2019 : Publication of the resultts.


Projects shall be written in French


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